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Meet The Woman Trapped in a Vegetative State after Childbirth

Meet Olivia, a woman who’s gone into a vegetative state after giving birth. At only 35-years-old, she suddenly became an adult baby!

Olivia struggled to get pregnant for years but she never gave up. Six years later, her wish finally came true when she became pregnant with triplets!

However, shortly after the birth of her third baby, there were some complications resulting in a brain injury which left Olivia paralyzed.

Although she received a malpractice settlement of 7 million dollars, she could no longer speak or move and required round-the-clock care.

“I felt like a prisoner in my own body. No one could hear me as I was screaming inside.”


Olivia’s husband had to quit his job to take care of her. He fed her and had to give her baths on the bed. Her family did everything they could by taking her to different specialists but nothing worked!

Paralyzed Mom’s Brain Scans

Her story went viral causing thousands of people to sympathize with her. Including Dr. Hoffman, a neurologist with more than 30 years of expertise in treating patients with traumatic brain injuries.

When he first met Olivia, he conducted some MRI scans on her and he was shocked because her condition was worse than he had expected:

“Injury due to childbirth is more common than most people realize but Olivia’s condition is the most serious.”

“The test results showed that Olivia’s brain injury is caused by the severe lack of oxygen in her brain cells.”

“The brain needs constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to function. As brain cells are very sensitive, oxygen deficiency can lead to memory loss, inability to speak, and trouble moving the body.”

-Dr. Hoffman

The First Doctor In History

Olivia’s condition reminded Dr. Hoffman of his recent field research trip to Egypt:

“I traveled to Egypt to learn about a man who sustained 90% damage to his brain but lived a normal life and even became a math professor.”

“The man said it’s thanks to his ancestor’s homemade frankincense incense. The aromatic spice was used by ancient Egyptians for healing purposes when modern medicines were not available.”

“By inhaling, the brain-boosting powers unexpectedly helped them to become one of the most intelligent civilizations in history.”

“They mastered geometry and mathematics, which they used to build the pyramids. Their intelligence helped them advance faster than modern humans.”

“It was believed that Imhotep, the first doctor in history also used frankincense whenever he is studying to help him focus. This has allowed the ancient genius to excel not only as a doctor but also as an architect, astrologer, and mathematician.”

-Dr. Hoffman

Trying Out The Centuries-Old Brain Booster

Realizing how this could help Olivia, Dr. Hoffman gave her family some of the frankincense incense that he brought back from the trip.

“Before we tried the incense, Olivia could only blink her eyes to communicate. She used to be in a wheelchair all the time.”

“But within 2 weeks of using the incense, she was able to talk! Although it was only a few words, we were blown away.”

“Previously, she couldn’t even move a finger but now, Olivia can finally hold the babies in her arms. We were all crying because we felt like the old Olivia is back.”

-Tom, Olivia’s husband

Looking at how effective the treatment was, Dr. Hoffman conducted further brain scans on Olivia

“After inhaling frankincense, Olivia’s blood flow especially to her brain has increased by up to 80%!”

“This will greatly push her brain to heal faster and have positive effects on her recovery.”

-Dr. Hoffman

They Called It Devizo™

Dr. Hoffman wanted to share his groundbreaking discovery with the world. So, he contacted the local frankincense supplier from Egypt and worked with top biochemists to create a powerful brain-boosting oil.

That is how Devizo™ was born. This easy-to-use formula was made with the purest frankincense oil extracted from the Boswellia trees exclusively grown in Egypt using the latest steam distillation method.

It has the highest amount of anti-inflammatories than any other species. Dr. Hoffman further explains the science behind Devizo™:

“When the brain is deprived of oxygen, memory loss, mental fog, poor judgment, and difficulty focusing will occur. So, it’s vital to increase blood flow to ‘feed’ the brain.”

“Devizo™ can fuel the healing process of injured brain tissues thanks to its high content of sesquiterpenes.”

“With the ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier, it can deliver oxygen molecules directly to brain cells at a faster rate.”

“Which means it can provide vital nutrients to heal damaged brain cells, improving mental sharpness, enhancing rational decision-making and the ability to remember a large amount of information.”

“Also, Devizo™’s therapeutic qualities will promote mental clarity while helping to calm the mind and relieve stress.”

-Dr. Hoffman

Devizo™ Garners Worldwide Recognition

When the first batch of Devizo™ made its debut, a healed Olivia gave her verdict:

“Before this, my family had to take care of me like a newborn. I couldn’t even use the toilet myself.”

“But after Dr. Hoffman let me try Devizo™, it brought me to tears because I could talk and walk again.”

“Apart from feeling less stressed, I feel sharper after the third week. Thanks to Divexo™, I am a motivational speaker and an author now.”

“Most importantly, I finally get to spend quality time with my triplets! Thanks to Devizo™, my beautiful children can have their mother again.”


When Devizo™ was launched worldwide, more than 483,902 units were sold.

98.6% of users reported that it improved their memory, focus, and cognitive ability. One of them is 76-year-old Fred, who had a stroke recently:

“After my stroke, I couldn't recall anyone's name, not even mine. And I suddenly forgot how to play the piano.”

“I became depressed because music is a big part of my life. When my friends bought Divexo™ to let me try, I was hesitant.”

“But within just a few weeks of inhaling Devizo™, I can remember my friends’ names and their birthdays.”

“What’s even better is, I recently joined a piano competition!”


Take Charge Of Your Brain Health

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