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We funded a clinical trial, which is the highest standard in scientific research.

You can access our clinical trial results, data from 1,200 Peaus users, and scientific papers about 3D Skin Analysis Devices here.

Bee Venom: Twice More Effective Than Retinol

Peaus Advanced Bee Venom¹ Serum is twice as effective as retinol serums on the market. This innovative treatment also surpasses traditional anti-aging methods, such as retinol² and laser therapy.

 It not only showcases exceptional effectiveness in anti-aging but also offers a notable advantage in terms of safety when compared to the inherent risks associated with invasive beauty treatments, such as potential complications, adverse reactions, and surgical uncertainties.

We use the 'odds ratio' method, which is widely accepted and standardized, to carefully compare trial results. The full report with these details will be published later this year.

Unlike Retinol, Peaus Has 0 Serious Side Effects

Retinol² leads to side effects and may result in complications like skin irritation, sensitivity to sun, flakiness and peeling, dryness, redness, irritation around the eyes, allergic reactions, pregnancy concerns.

Figure: The improvement after using Bee Venom and Retinol

With Bee Venom³ Serums, 0 serious side effects have been reported. Fewer users experienced minor side effects, with skin irritation being the most common, which typically subsides upon discontinuing the use of the serum.

The graph shows that both bee venom¹ at 54.6% and retinol² at 15% contribute to noticeable improvements in skin health over time. Bee venom demonstrates a more rapid initial impact, particularly in terms of wrinkles, skin texture and tone, while retinol shows lesser improvements in reducing the depth of wrinkles with more side effects. The choice between these two ingredients may depend on individual preferences, skin types, and desired outcomes.

Figure: The improvement after using Bee Venom and Retinol

Bee Venom, A Safer Alternative of Botox

Unlike invasive treatments like Botox, which often come with downtime and potential side effects such as pain, peeling, bruising, swelling, redness, and facial paralysis, bee venom serum as

Figure: Changes in average wrinkle depth analyzed by the Visioline VL 650 after 12 weeks of treatment with bee-venom serum.

Figure: (Left) before bee venom treatment, (Right) after bee venom treatment.

Note: Bees were not harmed in the process of venom peptide extraction because their stingers and venom sacks were still intact in their abdomens after the process. A bee only dies when the stinger is dislodged from the body, like when the stinger is left on someone’s skin after being stung.

Our users see impressive results

88% improve in 21 days

Notice skin as radiant when they look in the mirror⁴

66% have had less visible fine lines and wrinkles in 21 days

Dry and dull-looking skin starts to relieve within 3 weeks⁵

57% are wrinkles-free

After 10 weeks, wrinkles were significantly reduced, and skin tone became more even¹

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