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A Mute's Magnificent Rise to Becoming an Opera Sensation

17th of August 2023, Rebecca Scofield- Chief Editor

These parents were overjoyed to welcome their daughter Michelle into the world, but after a year, their joy has turned to worry because Michelle is not a typically developing child who can communicate verbally.
After a prolonged period of quietude lasting seven years, the parents were utterly astonished to witness the sweet sound of their beloved daughter's voice. To their amazement, she not only spoke for the first time but also emerged as the youngest opera performer, showcasing her prodigious talent to the world.

What incredible journey allowed this previously mute little girl to evolve into a mesmerizing opera singer?

Human Operating System

Our brain is a complex organ that medical science is only just beginning to comprehend. It governs all aspects of human life and conduct, such as cognitive processes, motor abilities, and respiratory functions. Due to the vast intricacy of this singular organ, scientists have divided its anatomical structure into various categories, such as the left and right hemispheres, occipital, parietal, temporal, and frontal lobes, and gray and white matter.

The Gray Area

Figure: MRI Scan of brain illustraring Grey and White Matter

For a long time, scientists have studied the relationship between intelligence and intracranial gray matter. They discovered that people who are born with higher intelligence tend to have a greater percentage of gray matter in their brains than those who are less intelligent. The gray matter is where most of the nerve cells and neurons are located, which enable the brain to process information and communicate with the body.

Neuron Degeneration and Mental Health

Neurons are the fundamental components of gray matter that are essential for processing and transmitting information in the brain. They are made up of a cell body with dendrites and axons on either side. Dendrites are branch-like structures that contain receptors that bind with neurotransmitters from other neurons. After receiving information, neurons release chemicals and electrical signals through their axons. When neurons begin to deteriorate, a healthy body and brain can replace them by creating new cells. However, if the production of healthy neurons fails to exceed or match the rate of neuron decay and death, it can result in various mental disorders.

The Impact of Fetal Brain Development

Figure: Gray matter axonal connectivity maps

Although conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's are often linked with a widespread reduction in cerebral gray matter as we age, some of these conditions can arise as early as fetal development. Medical professionals have noted that diseases, exposure to smoking or alcohol, as well as stress and mental health disorders like depression in the mother can have negative impacts on fetal brain development. This can result in various conditions ranging from lower intelligence to childhood dementia, ADHD, or autism.

Clarity of Clary Sage

Clary sage, scientifically known as Salvia sclarea, has been renowned for its nootropic properties for centuries. Recent studies have revealed the scientific basis behind its remarkable abilities. In addition to its original use as a stress reducer and natural antidepressant, clary sage is found to enhance brain health by increasing 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), which plays a vital role in regulating mood, learning, cognition, and memory.


Linalool is a compound present in clary sage that has been used in traditional medicine due to its neuroprotective effects. Studies have shown that when introduced to cortical neuronal injuries deprived of oxygen, it can increase blood flow in the cortex, reoxygenating the decaying neurons. Additionally, linalool has therapeutic properties that help to reduce intracellular oxidative stress, leading to protective, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory activities within the gray matter of the brain.

Linalyl Acetate

Linalyl acetate, an ester of linalool, is a monoterpenic compound that has been found to have anxiolytic properties. Inhaling linalyl acetate through the olfactory senses reduces dopamine concentration in the striatum while increasing serotonin levels in the hippocampus. This compound helps to calm the brain down and stabilize an individual's mood, making it an effective anti-agitation agent. It can be beneficial for those suffering from emotional instability such as depression.

Empowering a Teacher's Journey with Alzheimer's in 14 Days

Amy Collins, a 42-year-old devoted educator, is renowned for her passion for education and her ability to engage and motivate her students. She has taught high school for more than a decade. However, teaching became difficult for her because her forgetfulness hindered her ability to teach and manage her classroom effectively. She was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, a neurodegenerative disorder that causes progressive memory loss and cognitive decline. Amy was determined to continue her teaching career despite the diagnosis, but she frequently forgot lesson plans, student names, and important deadlines. Until one of her colleagues suggested she try clary sage before bedtime.

Day 4

Amy noticed an improvement in her ability to recall important didactic tactics during class. She had the ability to forge meaningful relationships with her students, which in turn enhanced their participation in class. She felt renewed hope and motivation to pursue her passion for teaching after using clary sage to help her focus and gain clarity.

Day 9

After nine days of using clary sage, Amy's cognitive function continued to improve, bringing significant changes to her teaching abilities. She found herself more capable of organizing and executing lesson plans effectively, keeping her students actively involved and motivated throughout the day.

Amy's memory and attention to detail also improved. She no longer struggled to remember her students' names and faces, allowing her to foster stronger connections with each individual. The students noticed her increased presence and engagement, and their academic progress reflected the positive impact of her enhanced cognitive function.

Day 14

Following a thorough check-up, Amy witnessed a remarkable reversal. After utilizing clary sage for fourteen days, she returned to her normal self in her teaching career. Amy's competence and effectiveness in the classroom amazed both her colleagues and herself.

She effortlessly developed innovative teaching methods and effortlessly customized lesson plans to cater to each student's needs. And even she was duly recognized and honored with the esteemed "Teacher of the Month" award.

"I honestly thought I was reaching the end of my teaching career, but thanks to my wonderful coworker who introduced me to clary sage, everything turned around. I can't thank them enough for this amazing find. It's been a game-changer, reigniting my love for teaching and making me a better teacher.”

-Amy Collins, 42, Teacher